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LIVO- High Frequency Energy Bulletproof Coffee

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Developed by Dave Asprey, an IT engineer, Bulletproof Coffee is made with coffee, grass-fed butter, and MCT oil. MCT is an instant source of energy, making it unnecessary to be stored, rather, it helps burn calories and thus become a perfect tool for weight-loss.

Also, being more readily absorbed and metabolized, MTC is a good source of fuel for your brain and it enhances cognitive function and mental focus. Simply mix a sachet of LIVO Bulletproof Coffee with 200ml boiling water, a cup of Bulletproof Coffee is ready to serve. Saving the chore of home-made Bulletproof Coffee, you can now enjoy it anytime, anywhere, keeping your body and mind at their peak all the time.

Coffee Powder: made with the best selection of coffee grown in high altitudes of Peru.

MCT Coconut Powder: made from the purest all-natural virgin coconut oil, it replaces regular milk and makes LIVO Bulletproof Coffee ideal for vegetarian or lactose intolerant individuals.

Ionized Brown Algae Calcium: Natural brown algae slowly releases calcium ions, supplementing the need of our body. It also provides the vitamins and minerals to help maintain regular cell growth, delay aging, and improve the body's acidity.

Ingredients: Coffee beans, MCT Coconut powder, Kelp Mixture Extract

Specification: 15 bag x 13g